Dress your wheels. Pump up the beat. Spike your sales!

Wrapping up a car with a brand advert is the ultimate marketing solution.

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Custom car wraps to mark your presence out there!

Boosting a company’s branding and strengthening its identity was never this easy before.

With Printam car wraps, the sky is the limit!

One car wrap can generate 30,000 to 80,000 impressions daily. It is practically impossible for other marketing modes to be this dynamic. As per another study, fleet vehicle advertising boosts name recognition 15 times more than advertising media!
If this isn’t convincing you to makeover your car, we don’t know what would?
Printam creative wizards have learned their craft via constant exposure. Our flaws and loopholes in the past kept us on a learning curve. Today, our hearts swell with pride at the joy we bring to clients. For us, it has never been about bank score. Instead, it was always about solving your issues and bringing value to the table.
Following the flow is too mainstream. For once, take your branding efforts to a different level. Perhaps, you can strike the critical touchpoints and refine your status in the market.

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Customize your wraps – hit the nail right on the head

With years of experience in the field, we have developed a stringent quality standard. Our state-of-the-art facilities, coupled with adequate resources, have helped us progress in leaps and bounds.
Entrepreneurs in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and Oakville have always returned happily from our doorstep.
We play around with pixels, pencils, photos, and software. We aim to get your branding strategy on point. Whatever innovations your brand requires, our prodigies put day and night effort into learning those skills.
It is time to lift the fuzz and get going. Contact our design gurus and let them customize awesome wraps for your wheels.

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A vast array for you to pick from

Most car wraps are made of PVC or vinyl. You get what you are paying for when it comes to car wraps. If you care about wrap quality and longevity, then you must make sure you get it from a shop that deals in top-quality wrapping.
Look no more. Printam is the place to be!
We adhere to the preferences of all our clients.
Some want a partial wrap to showcase their brand. Others opt for a 360-degree spin for their cars. Toss your requirements at us, and let us help you grab the eyeballs. Plus, there is also a choice in the type of wraps. Go for glossy, matte, brushed, carbon, or satin.
Keep in mind – quality is our top priority. A cheap wrap can suffer from bubbles that are impossible to remove. Or it might leave a residue after removal. You won’t complain about these woes when dealing with us.

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Here is how the process goes

Once we roughly examine your project, we undertake the next task. This is where our whiz members brainstorm their ideas. Instead of going on a wild goose chase, we study factual details.
Next, we discuss manufacturing details. Views about the new tools, methods, and tech are kept on the table. Once done, we provide an estimated figure to our clients.
Upon agreement, the designs undergo the printing process. After that, we laminate and install to give your car a completely different outlook.
Don’t get nervous when you come across a problem. Give us a call, and let us weed those out.

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Custom car wraps for on-the-wheels advertising!

The core idea of every project is to breathe new life into the cars.
There is no reason to underrate the power of car wraps. Instead of crossing the competition bridge when you come to it, be smart. Get a car wrap and compel every bystander to check out your brand.
A meticulously designed car wrap is the spark you need to ignite a fire of popularity around your brand.

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Bust fancy marketing. Car wraps are the way to go!

About a decade ago, people would have rolled their eyes at a wrapped car. Not now.
Car wraps are the trendiest way to create a buzz around your name. Printam artists have mastered their art to perfection. All our wraps are to the point and 100% safe. You can get them removed or remove yourself when the campaign ends.
It won’t leave a dent nor damage the paint.

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Car wraps to blow your trumpet

Call it cheesy. But it is what it is!
When you wrap your car in a glitzy wrap, the idea is to catch the attention of onlookers. It isn’t wrong to praise your own work once in a while. Let the cars toot your horns while you flaunt your driving skills!

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Let’s discuss!

Choosing the right car wrapping service is the decision that will drive you to success. Make sure you go for the best one!
Call us at 416.848.1188 or email us sales@printam.ca

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Car Wrap & Car Decals Coverage Options

Here are Some coverage options for commercial car wrap graphics & decals.

Car Wraps Coverage Option & Lettering

1 Color Lettering

Two  Color Lettering

Full Color Lettering

25% Coverage Option

50% Coverage Option

75% Coverage Option

Full Wrap Coverage Option


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  • Bruce Coles

    On Google
    Commercial Van Wraps

    I found Printam online and had them rebrand my company and wrap my van. They exceeded all of my expectations. The wrap is sensational. Every graphic is straight and centered. No flaws at all. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a fantastic, professional experience.

  • Bora Celikel

    On Google
    Commercial Enclosed Trailer Wraps

    From start to finish, my experience was fantastic while working with them. I wanted perfection and they created it. A true pleasure to do business with them. Thanks Printam. Hope to see you soon with some more vehicles.

  • AZ Towing

    On Google
    Commercial Truck Wraps

    A big Shout-out to entire team especially Mr. Parveen. He has a great knowledge of work, communication with him and his suggestions provided us the best customer experience. Detailed work, perfect graphics and exactly on time. Just look at the design he provided, can't ask for more. Highly recommended!

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