Missing out on Branding! Let the Box Truck Wrap do the talking

You can’t convince people to conduct business with you. But your wrapped box truck can!

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Your box truck wrap gets you noticed on the streets and everywhere

Say Ola to “Advertisement on the go!” Don’t let your box truck roam empty

Box truck wrap – the silent ambassador of your business

A talking truck is better than a silent one. Didn’t understand the catch? You’ll, in a bit. Did you ever think for a second, you are missing a massive chunk of opportunity? Want to know how? It’s because your business box truck isn’t wrapped? Human beings crave visuals, and your audience is no different. Custom Wraps on large commercial box trucks create a positive brand image. You attract more customers when you are off to deliver goods or services near you. Why don’t you go for box truck wrap and get all the eyeballs diverted to your business?

You are unaware of the advantages your logo can bring to your table. Having your logo on your company box truck is next to promoting your brand on an unconscious level. Didn’t understand? It’s simple, the more time people will see your logo, the more it will get in their brains.

A Full wrap or simple vinyl decals graphics can turn your box truck into a running signboard. Doesn’t matter if your box truck is 16′ ft or 26′ ft, it does deliver the same brand message.

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Wrap Price that doesn’t rip off your bank

Let’s the statistics do the talk. According to OAAA, “A single vehicle wrap can generate as many as 70,000 views per day. This means millions of viewers per year. But, radio and TV ads target a narrower audience.” Box truck wraps offer you a cost-effective way to promote your business yet give you more in profit. Box Truck wrap won’t cost much.

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Complimentary wrap design for you

Be our guest at Printam! We offer you free design discussion, along with tons of wrap design ideas. It’s like getting a bang for a buck. You don’t have to pay us for design as our imaginative design team offers you this treat for free.

We use design layout software such as adobe photoshop and illustrator to give your wrap design a new look. We produce 3d mock-ups of your truck to show how the final look will be.

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Wrap Coverage options we offer

You can choose to go for a full wrap, partial wrap, or vinyl decals option. if you have an established business it’s okay to go for a partial or full wrap.

If you are starting a new business venture, you must be budget-constrained. We recommend going for a partial wrap. If you have a full-fledged business and a good fleet of the box truck, go for full wrap as you will get more impressions.

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Wrap material we use to amplify your marketing efforts

You have the option to choose from 3M, Avery, and Arlon Wrap vinyl. They are the most reliable wrap materials when it comes to a vinyl wrap, vinyl decals, and spot graphics. It’s better to go with these 3 rather than choosing a low-quality material that gives you nothing in the end.

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Sigh of relief! The wrap warranty has got you covered

Once you have us on board, we take care of the nitty-gritty details. Since we use premium quality vinyl material to wrap your box truck, you don’t have to worry. Vinyl decals save your original truck paint from possible damage. They keep your paint intact yet offer you a whole new look.

The wrap will remain intact for the years to come. From installation to providing the warranty of our work, you get everything. Your truck wrap won’t lift or fade out. Wrap graphics removal isn’t that hard, you can get professional help from printam.

At Printam, our certified wrap team makes sure that you get more than what you pay for. To us, it’s not about offering the service but adding value that brings more business to you and helps you thrive. We believe in building a long-term relationship with our clients. Mark our words! The box truck wrap will make your vehicle the mode of local advertisement.

The goodness of free wrap design and brand consulting is hard to come by! Grab it while it’s hot!

Ring us on 416.848.1188 or email us at sales@printam.ca.

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Van Wrap & Van Decals Coverage Options

Here are Some coverage options for commercial box truck wrap graphics & decals.

16 Feet Box Truck Vinyl Lettering & Coverage Options


1 Color Lettering

Two Color Lettering

16-feet-Box-Truck-Vinyl-Lettering-DecalsFull Color Lettering

16-feet-Box-Truck-Graphics25% Coverage Option

16-feet-Box-Truck-Wrap50% Coverage Option

16-feet-Box-Truck-Partial-Wrap75% Coverage Option

16-feet-Box-Truck-Full-WrapFull Wrap Coverage Option

26 Feet Box Truck Vinyl Lettering & Coverage Options

26-feet-box-truck-Vinyl-Lettering1 Color Lettering

26-feet-box-truck-DecalTwo Color Lettering

26-feet-box-truck-Vinyl-Lettering-&-DecalsFull Color Lettering

26-feet-box-truck-graphics25% Coverage Option

26-feet-box-truck-Wrap50% Coverage Option

26-feet-box-truck-partial-Wrap75% Coverage Option

26-feet-box-truck-full-WrapFull Wrap Coverage Option


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  • Bruce Coles

    On Google
    Commercial Van Wraps

    I found Printam online and had them rebrand my company and wrap my van. They exceeded all of my expectations. The wrap is sensational. Every graphic is straight and centered. No flaws at all. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a fantastic, professional experience.

  • Bora Celikel

    On Google
    Commercial Enclosed Trailer Wraps

    From start to finish, my experience was fantastic while working with them. I wanted perfection and they created it. A true pleasure to do business with them. Thanks Printam. Hope to see you soon with some more vehicles.

  • AZ Towing

    On Google
    Commercial Truck Wraps

    A big Shout-out to entire team especially Mr. Parveen. He has a great knowledge of work, communication with him and his suggestions provided us the best customer experience. Detailed work, perfect graphics and exactly on time. Just look at the design he provided, can't ask for more. Highly recommended!

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